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Why Choose Trademark Objection?


The Trademark Examiner will raise the following objection if the trademark application is not submitted on the correct form. "For certification mark in respect of goods or services falling in a class, the application is made on form TM-1. The form of the application should be corrected as TM-4 by filing a request on form TM-16."


Trademark Disapproval After a trademark application is submitted, a trademark examiner reviews it and searches for prior trademarks that are either the same as or similar to the mark under examination. The trademark examination report is a compilation of the Trademark Examiner's conclusions.

Documents Required For Trademark Objection

If the trademark does not meet the examiner's standards, he may file an objection. The trademark must be in compliance with all laws and regulations. The applicant will receive a notification, and he or she must reply within thirty days.

The trademark examination report about the trademark objection on the IPI India website.

After receiving an objection, the trademark experts create and submit a response within three days, taking into account the materials that are currently available.

Process Involved

A growing number of people decide to register private limited firms for a variety of reasons. A private limited business has the following benefits: A Private Limited Company is a recognized legal body. The owner's finances are not connected to the company's finances. Limited business owners are shielded from personal liability.


Once a trademark application is filed


Trademark Examiner examines the the application


makes a search of earlier trademarks


which are identical or similar to the mark being examined.


The findings of the Trademark Examiner are compiled as the trademark examination report.


Trademark examination report.

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