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What is GST Refund?

There are many cases where refund can be claimed. GST refund is a process When the GST paid is more than the GST liability by a registered taxpayer. we can claim GST refund after submit the refund application with GST portal.

Why do you need GST Refund?

GST Refund is required because company’s/ Assesses money get involved due to paying excess input tax more than GST liability. Cash flow also increases when we get GST refund.

Documents for GST Refund

1.) GSTR 1 with table 6A.

2.) GSTR 03 B

3.) Copy of All Purchase Bills

4.) Copy of All Sales Invoices and Export Invoices

5.) Copy of Packing List (Item Details)

6.) Copy of Shipping Bills

7.) Copy of Bill of Lading/Airway Bill

8.) Copy of EBRC/FIRC

9.) LUT (Letter of Undertaking)

10.) Bank Statement

11.)Undertaking/Indemnity Bond to the effect that the dealer will refund the amount if paid in excess.

12.)CA Certificate if GST refund more than 2 Lakhs.

Process Involved




Preparation of documents


Filing of GST Refund application in (GST RFD -01)


Received GST RFD-02 from department if department find the application in order.


In case any issue in GST refund application will be communicated to assessee in GST RFD 03 by department within 7 Days from filling of GST RFD-01.


The assessee receives the amount of refund within 7 days from the date of RFD 05.

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