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Why file GST return?

According to the Goods and Services Act of 2017, it is legally required in India to file returns on a monthly basis once you have obtained GST registration.

Benefits of Using the Unified Platform to File Your GST Return

  • Taking Over Taxes
  • Tax Cuts
  • Streamlined Business Process Greater Tax Base
  • straightforward and uncomplicated online process

Disadvantages of Non Filling/Delay filling GST return

  • Heavy penalty for non-filling or delay filling of returns
  • Increased operational Cost of dealer due to hiring of staff /professional for all GST compliance up to date.

Process Involved


Sale Purchase Bills and Bank statement is provided by client


Data is processed for calculation of relevant taxes


If any tax is pending for payment same is to be paid


Return is uploaded on GST Portal using client id and password


GST return is Digitally Signed or Everified.


Copy of Return is sent Client

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